Students that have auditioned and been accepted to a WSYO ensemble can visit this page to submit mandatory information, as well as view the WSYO calendar (coming soon).

Student Information Form

Photo Release Form

On this day of 2022, intending to be legally bound hereby, the undersigned agrees and does hereby release from liability and to indemnify and hold harmless Wheeling Symphony Society, Inc. (hereafter, the ORGANIZATION), and any of its employees or agents representing or related to the ORGANIZATION as regards the Wheeling Symphony Youth Orchestra. This release is for any and all liability for personal injuries (including death) and property losses or damage sustained by the participant and occasioned by, or in connection with, any activity of the ORGANIZATION. The undersigned further agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations promulgated by the ORGANIZATION and/or its affiliate groups throughout the 2017-2018 concert season.

Additionally, the undersigned agrees that any photograph, video or other media taken of the participant during any activity or event of the ORGANIZATION may be used in the promotion of the ORGANIZATION by whatever means the ORGANIZATION deems appropriate, including, but not limited to, electronic and print media.