The WSO Musicians are the heartbeat of the orchestra and breathe life into our community with every performance – whether on the stage of the Capitol Theatre or in an elementary school classroom. 


Rachel Stegeman

First Violin, Concertmaster

Anne Moskal

Violin, Associate Concertmaster

Rochelle Agnew

Section First Violin

Danielle Barbosa

Section First Violin

Maureen Conlon Gutierrez

Section First Violin

Calvin Lewis

Section First Violin

Abigail McLaughlin

Section First Violin

Anne Victoria Nasevich

Section First Violin

Juan Jaramillo

Second Violin, Principal

Sean Elliott

Violin, Associate Principal

Sarah Garin

Section Second Violin

Marian Irwin

Section Second Violin

Richard Palermo

Section Second Violin

Kerry Broker

Section Second Violin

Jennifer Gerhard Mangone

Viola, Principal

Jeff Irwin


Rebecca Rothermel


Elisa Kohanski

Cello, Principal

Nadine Sherman


Jeffrey T. Mangone, Sr.

Bass, Principal

Robert Skavronski


Frances Duffy

Harp, Principal


Barbara O’Brien

Flute, Principal

Gail Looney

Piccolo, Third Flute

Robin Driscoll

Oboe, Principal

Cynthia Anderson

Second Oboe, English Horn

Roi Mezare

Clarinet, Principal

Alix Reinhardt

Second/Utility Clarinet

Andy Sledge

Bassoon, Principal

Lauren Henning

Second Bassoon


Jason Allison

Third Horn

Emily Shelley

Section Horn

John Winkler

Trumpet, Principal

Gary Adams

Tuba, Principal


Jan Fung

Section Percussionist

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Join the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra and breathe life into our community.